Best KPop Releases of March, 2015

The most interesting releases of March 2015 handpicked by Admin E.

KPop Section

Flower – Xiah Junsu feat. Tablo

*heavy breathing* *speedy fanning* *ultimate bias alert* To be honest Junsu has just gone to a level of depth, where I can’t follow him: I’ve tried, but I do not understand what he is trying to say with this music video. There’s so many different ways to interpret it and so many details to pay attention to. I’m just grateful someone’s properly stirring up the kpop scene this month, because – sorry, but – the mainstream music has been lacking badly in originality. And here’s Junsu as a… Greek god, savage rebel and whatnot. Also Epik High’s Tablo’s in this. All I can say is: Anything Junsu or Tablo touch turns to gold. That’s a fact.

Paradise Lost – Ga-in

This song (and the accompanying album) is most definitely one of the most original and deep concepts to ever come out of KPop (to the best of my knowledge): Ga-in takes on the role of Eve (and Lilith) in her new album ‘Hawwah’ and unapologetically challenges conservative concepts of religion and sexuality. The first time I watched this music video I thought it was just another ‘look at me I’m sexy’ music video – I was very very wrong. It also made me reflect a lot – why are we uncomfortable with provocative sexiness? Is it learned or inherited? And what part has religion played in making us think sex and sexiness are bad, dirty things. Ga-in – in my opinion – takes a wiser and healthier stance: Sex and sexiness are natural, healthy and our demonizing of especially female sexuality needs to end.

They’re talking about a fantasy They’re making up another fantasy They’re talking about a fantasy They’re making up a story So that they can control you and me

If that’s not a critique of the biblical creation story and of unhealthy ineffective chastening of youth, then I don’t know what is.

Musically this piece is also quite intriguing:

Apple – Ga-in feat. Jay Park

Call Me Baby – Exo

It’s been hard out there for an Exotic (I refuse to call myself an Exost… that just sounds like I’m exhausted, I’d rather be exotic): If only SM Ent. wasn’t such a s***y cooperation and considered treating humans like… humans. Here’s the remaining members of Exo doing their best and their best is still excellent:

Only You – Sistar

Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet

Owning up to their name, Red Velvet returns with another single. Nothing deep, but a nice track and video:

Outside Korea

Mondai Girl – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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