Best KPop Releases of April, 2015

The most interesting releases of April 2015 handpicked by Admin E.

KPop Section

I Need U – BTS

Somehow this has a really western pop vibe to it, but damn it’s good:

Ahh Ooop! – Mamamoo feat. Esna

Mamamoo are simply great! They rank amongst my favorite girl groups now! Every single one of their releases has been catchy, fun, well delivered and there sound is distinctively different from mainstream KPop:

Catch Me If You Can – Girls’ Generation

SNSD are alive and kicking despite the loss of a member. Tbh, I liked many of their songs, but never got overly attached to the individual members, so emotionally I remain unaffected. Yet my heart goes out to the Sones out there and I hope that you can enjoy this track nonetheless:

Hopeless Love – Jimin

This girl from 15& is extremely talented – and damn she’s younger than me (that girl is only 17!):

Mismatch – Shin Bora

So this woman is a comedian venturing into singing – why not? 🙂

KIndie ‘n’ KHipHop Section

Awoo – Lim Kim

I really really like this girl! I thought her earlier tracks were even better than this, but it’s still good work:

Love Game – Lim Kim

Coma – Cheetah

I kinda watched all of Unpretty Rapstar and did not regret it. 😀 Sure, I kept wondering how much is real and how much is staged, but I nevertheless had fun and was glad that all my favorites made it to the top (Jessy, Cheetah and Yuk Jidam). For those who don’t know: Unpretty Rapstar is a TV rap competition (like Show Me The Money), but girls only. Winner of the first season was underground rapper Cheetah with this track:

Puss – Jimin

Opinions are very divided on Jimin (this is Jimin of AOA, not 15&… too many Jimins out there…) – can idol rappers be real rappers? What is a real rapper? Although to me the tough and sexy vibe that Jimin is aiming for feels somewhat inauthentic, I still thought this track was a really good effort:

Feedback – Kisum, Lil Cham, Jeiseu, Bora & Adongga

Reset – Tiger JK feat. Jinsil

Love this track so much!!

Outside Korea

Pick Me Up – Perfume

This trio from Japan is putting out one catchy track after the other – may the never stop:

Last Minute – Ayumi Hamasaki

This diva of asian pop has been putting music out there since 1999 and she’s still at it and doing well:

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