When entering the realm of KPop everyone sooner or later stumbles across some strange language. KPop stars more often than not cannot seem to get their English right and KPop fans borrow Korean terms that leave one nothing short of confused.

Engrish Lines

Do KPop songs and lyrics sometimes leave you a little weirded out ? Shocked even? Or have you long gotten used to them, quote them whenever you get the chance and want some more for your collection? Read more…

KPop Terms

Are you new to KPop and just taking your first baby steps towards understanding all the gibberish the KPoppers seem to utter ceaselessly? Or do you basically know your way around, but just always had that one term where you were never sure of it’s meaning? For some trustworthy definitions: Read more…

KPop Calender

What KPop idol has the same birthday as you? Who had their debut on the very same day? Find out here.


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