KPop Quotes (+ Engrish Lines)

This is a list of KPop Engrish wonderfulness and KPop song quotes to add something to your daily life and to make communication with other KPoppers easier. Be prepared for any situation with these:

Boosting your self-confidence

I Am The BestCL, 2NE1, “I Am The Best
I'm one of a kind

G-Dragon, Big Bang, “One Of A Kind

Expressing Awe


T.O.P, Big Bang, “Fantastic Baby


B1A4, “Beautiful Target

Causing Confusion




Exo, “What Is Love

Let me tell you something

– Bang Yong Guk, B.A.P, “One Shot


Love Talk

locket b1a4B1A4, “Beautiful Target

Maybe my love is bigger
than Ginger bread man's vitality - Yoochun (JYJ), "My Girlfriend"
3x Do you love me? Like the way I love you babe - 2NE1, "Do You Love Me"
No more friend, because wanna be your man - F.Cuz, "Wanna Be Your Love"
Sto-to-to-top girl - in the name of love - U-Kiss, "Stop Girl"
Still I have romantic in my heart - SHINee, "Romantic"

Sexy Talk

naughty super juniorSuper Junior, “Mr. Simple

Mama, just let me be your lover - Seungri (Big Bang), "Fanastic Baby"
Sexy, free and single,
I'm ready to bingo! - Super Junior, "Sexy Free & Single"
I got chuu~~~ under my skin - TVXQ, "Mirotic"
3x I don't know - but I'm hot, hot.
3x You know what, what I mean, mean... - Block B, "Nalina"
Make a love baby, just make a love - B2ST, "Beautiful"

Warning Someone

run girls generationGirls’ Generation, “Run Devil Run

4x You don't know me! 
4x So shut up boy! Shut up! - Miss A, "Good Girl Bad Girl
Keep your head down... - TVXQ, "Keep Your Head Down"
Blow your mind - Whee-whee-whee-wheeep -Super Junior, "Mr. Simple"
We gon' take it to the next revel! - Block B, "Nilili Mambo"
2x Don't kick it in the butt! - Super Junior, "Spy"


sorry super juniorSuper Junior, “Sorry Sorry”

Niga saranghaneun naneun sorry I'm a bad boy - Big Bang, "Bad Boy"
Baby I'm sorry we got the better - B1A4, "Baby I'm Sorry"

Girl’s Talk

pretty karaKara, “Pretty Girl

I got a boy meotjin!
I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy handsome boy
nae mam da kajyeogan. - Girls' Generation, "I Got A Boy"

Lovely Gibberish

lover yo ma t-araT-ara, “Yayaya

Nillili lalala nilliliya nillil mambo - Block B, "Nillili Mambo"
2x Ring ding dong, ring diggi ding diggi,
2x ding ding ding - Shinee, "Ring Ding Dong"
4x Ringa linga ling - Taeyang (Big Bang), "Ringa Linga

Causing a panic

the loof is on fire banner b.a.p himchanHimchan, B.A.P, “Hurricane

No, no, no, no MERCY! - B.A.P - "No Mercy"

Good, Bad & Better

Not bad meaning bad,
but bad meaning good, you know - CL (2NE1), "Baddest Female"
I'm very very good. 
Good-good-good-good-good-good-good-good-good! - Block B, "Very Good"
I'm so bad, bad, but I'm so good, good! - Minzy (2NE1), "Can't Nobody"
Only one more than better world - Beast, "Oasis"
You are not a bad girl, yeah-yeah - Boyfriend, "Janus"


music 2ne1 don't stop2NE1, “Don’t Stop the Music

This song is grovy-grovy - Block B, "Nilili Mambo"
Everybody on the left, everybody on the right,
everybody in da house - MBLAQ, "Mona Lisa"


Goodbye Baby, Goodbye! - Miss A, "Goodbye Baby"
I'll be back. Neon dashi nareul chajeul geoya - 2PM, "I'll be back"
It's over! It's over! So baby goodbye! - Lee Hi, "It's Over"
Mission - make it mission - let's go mission -
make it, make it go - JYJ, "Mission"
2x Ticket one way! One-way-one-way-one-way-ticket! - Nine Muses, "Ticket"

Not Giving A…

4x I don't care-e-e-e-e-e - 2NE1, "I Don't Care"
Why so serious? - G-Dragon (Big Bang), "Crayon"
2x I don't need a man - what? - Miss A, "I Don't Need A Man"
2x Hate chuu~ eheheheheh I'm fine living without you! - 2NE1, "Hate You"
Careless. Careless. Shoot anonymous. Anonymous. 
Heartless. Mindless. No one who care about me - Exo, "Mama"


Jumping, jumping, jumping now - Kara, "Jumping"

Medical Issues

3x I need therapy, lalalalala therapy - Hyuk, (Vixx), "On and On"
I'm addict. I'm addict. I'm addict. - T-ara, "Number Nine"

Someone call the doctor - Exo, "Overdose"

Science & Technology

Don't deny our r sqaured pi - U-Kiss, "0330"
E-E-Electric, Electric Shock - f(x), "Electric Shock"
Oh I'm so curious, yeah~ - Shinee, "Sherlock"

When you hear that one word…

  • Everybody
    Everybody! Every-everybody! - Shinee, "Everybody"
  • Gee
    Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby - Girls' Generation, "Gee"
  • Hello
    Hello, hello - Shinee, "Hello"
  • Message
    You got a messeji! - MyName, "Message"
  • Monster
    I-love-you. Baby I'm not a monster! - Big Bang, "Monster"
  • Poison
    2x You are my poison - Sistar, "Poison"
  • Shock
    Everyday I shock! Every night I shock! - Beast, "Shock"
  • Wow
    Wow - Fantastic baby! - Big Bang, "Fantastic Baby"

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