Beginner’s Guide

No matter how new you are to KPop there is always something to learn. Whether you yourself are new to KPop, you want to convert a friend or family member or just want to learn a whole lot more about the scene and the fandom – the “Beginner’s Guide to KPop” was written just for you.


A 10 Step Guide Into KPop for Absolute Beginners

O. Presumed Knowledge for entering the World of KPop
  1. What is KPop? Definition & Mini-History Guide
  2. How is KPop different from Western music?
  3. Who is KPop? The Big Names in KPop
  4. How is KPop? Idol groups & their structure
  5. Who likes KPop? The Fandom, It’s Loyalty & It’s Location Coming…
  6. Common Themes in KPop & How to understand them Coming…
  7. The Media’s Influence on KPop Coming…
  8. What’s great about KPop? The Pro’s for starting to listen to KPop Coming…
  9. What’s not so great about KPop? The Con’s against starting to listen to KPop Coming…
  10. You & KPop Coming…


101 KPop Songs You Must Hear Before You Die (Click Here)

minzy 2ne1 gif hair eyes make-up


The Ultimate Guide To The World of KPop


       Stars                                      Fans

  • Amazing articles coming…            ● Brilliant articles coming…
  • The Diets of KPop Idols                  ● What are KPop Concerts like?
  • How to become a KPop idol           ● The KPop Fan Community
  • Acronyms & KPop
  • KPop Idols & Religion

  Art                          Beauty & Fashion

  • Mind-blowing articles coming…        ● Wonderful articles coming…
  • The Songwriters in KPop                      ● Plastic surgery & KPop
  • The English Language & KPop            ● Beauty Ideals & KPop
  • Commonly misunderstood KPop lyrics

Drama                                   Crime


  •  Superb articles coming…               ● Great articles coming…
  • KPop Idols & Dating                         ● Drugs & The KPop Industry
  • Group Harmony in KPop Groups  ● Money making & KPop
  • KPop Scandals                                   ● Sasaeng Fans

Culture+Politics ~KPop & Korea~


  • Insanely interesting articles coming…
  • KPop as political agenda & factor economic power
  • Traditional Values, Customs & KPop
  • KPop & Censorships

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