Western Music

Probably you didn’t stumble across this blog to read about Western music, but hopefully you still love music wherever it comes from or possibly especially when it’s foreign – because in this section, we introduce music from everywhere in the world.


DISCLAIMER: We do not know music from all places and we have included some countries whose music market we do not know as explicitly as the Korean one. We aren’t deliberately trying to misrepresent anyone’s country or culture.


North America

WARNING: This video might be inappropriate for a young audience.

This Month’s featured North American Artist: Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer is an American vocalist, pianist and performance artist, best known for her work as one half of The Dresden Dolls. Her music is a mix of alternative rock and cabaret. Read/Hear/Watch more
Previously featured North American artists: Fiona Apple


South America

This Month’s featured South American Artist: Mon Laferte

Mon Laferte is a Chilean singer and songwriter, whose music style ranges between Rock, Pop and Electronic. Read/Hear/Watch more
Previously featured South American artists: Skank



This Month’s featured European Artist: Emilie Simon

Emilie Simon is a French singer and composer, who writes her own songs and makes her own musical instrument and experiments with mixing modern and classical music. Read/Hear/Watch more
Previously featured European artists: Selah Sue



This Month’s featured African Artist: Khadja Nin

Khadja Nin is a Burundi singer and musician. She uses a blend between African rhythms and modern pop to create her own unique brand of music. Read/Hear/Watch more
Previously featured African artists: Angélique Kidjo



This Month’s featured Asian Artist: Ziyoda

Ziyoda is an Uzbek contemporary and folk pop singer. She is best known for the strong cultural influences on her western-orientated pop tracks, which have been described as a flawless and modern mix between Central-Asian, Arabian and Western music. Hear/Watch more
Previously featured Asian artists: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu



This Month’s featured Oceanic Artist: Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian acoustic folk-pop duo consisting of siblings Julia Stone and Angus Stone from Newport, Australia, with notable commercial success in Australia and Europe. Read/Hear/Watch more
Previously featured Oceanic artists: Sia Furler

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