E’s Favorite KPop Songs of 2015 (January-June)

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The best of KPop (in my opinion) from the 1st half of 2015. 54 great tunes in no particular order – enjoy!

Call Me Baby – Exo

Love Game – Lim Kim

Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) – Jonghyun feat. Iron

Paradise Lost – Ga-in

Bae Bae – Big Bang

Flower – Xiah Junsu

Sorry I’m Happy – Davichi

Fire – Mad Clown feat. Jinsil

Coma – Cheetah

Love Me Right – Exo

Blossom – Wings

One Fine Day – Jung Yong Hwa

Shake That Brass – Amber feat. Taeyeon

Loser – Big Bang

Aah Oop! – Mamamoo feat. Esna

AM 4:44 – Bang Yongguk

I’m Not An Easy Girl – Lizzy

I Need U – BTS

Catch Me If You Can – Girls’ Generation

The Game Begins – Xiah Junsu

Only You – Miss A

Death Note – Hong Kwang Ho

Coming Soon – N.CA

My Type – Cheetah & Jessi feat. Kangnam

Bang Diggy Bang Bang – MFBTY

First Love – G.Soul

Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet

Mileage – Jung Yong Hwa feat. YDG

Kontrol – Kim Sung Kyu

Hopeless Love – Jimin of 15&

Sing Sing Sing – Eddy Kim

Kiss My Lips – BoA

Coffee & Tea – Eddy Kim feat. Solar

We Like 2 Party – Big Bang

Here I Am – Sunny Hill

I’m Not Crazy – Son Seung Yeon feat. MC Sniper

Dope – BTS

Ghost In Your Mind – Kim Feel

Crazy – 4Minute

I’m Him – Mino

Love Mash – MC Mong feat. Chancellor

The Answer – Kim Sung Kyu

Awoo – Lim Kim

Day By Day – High4

At Gwanghwamun- Kyuhyun

Musical In Life – Xiah Junsu

Apple – Ga-in feat. Jay Park

Loving You Keeps Me Alive – Xiah Junsu feat. Jung Sunah

Beautiful – Amber

Mono-Drama – Jonghyun

Puss – Jimin feat. Aieon

Reset – Tiger JK feat. Jinsil

Shattered – BoA

Coffee Copy Lady – Mad Clown

1kballadexWhat were your favorite tracks of 2015 so far? Comment! 😉admin e


More favorite KPop songs lists: 00’s2010201120122013 ★ 2014 (Part I / Part II) ★ 2015 (Part I/ Part II)

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