KPop Problems

KPop is fun, it’s entertainment, it’s many wonderful things – but what are the downsides to it? How fair is the industry that produces it? Does it really make people happy in the long run? Does it promote inter-cultural understanding? If you are new to it, have you ever really considered what KPop can do to you? The problems that surround it? Read all about the negative side-affects of joining the KPop fandom here….


Amazing articles coming…



2 thoughts on “KPop Problems

  1. Maybe you don’t want to get in trouble by even mentioning kpop’s problems… Ok, I’ll mention some things you could talk about: Slave Contracts, fandom excesses, sasaeng fans, antis.

    • This page has been inactive since 2015. We’re well aware of the problems with the KPop industry and quite disillusioned ourselves over what this industry really is. Especially with the newest scandals of idols being pimped and prostituted. It makes one really wonder whether to keep on buying products from an industry so deeply unethical.

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