Best KPop Releases of February, 2015

The most interesting releases of February 2015 handpicked by Admin E.

KPop Section

Crazy – 4Minute

A group that has previously not been hip-hoppy venturing deeper into the genre… can go really really wrong or can turn out nicely: I enjoyed 4Minute’s efforts a lot!

Lovekiller – Niel

Shake That Brass – Amber feat. Taeyeon

Sniper – Shinhwa

KIndie ‘n’ KHipHop Section

Just – Zion.T

Lately I have been diving more and more into KHipHop and KIndie and it’s absolutely worth it! There is an incredible diversity of artists and styles here! I’m a KPop fan, but I have been for 5 years now and more often than I like I see generic and recycled music video concepts and songs and I just need a break… So here’s Zion.T making this month interesting:

Outside Korea

I’m Not Yours – Jolin Tsai feat. Namie Amuro

So this music video has got so many of my favorite things: Elaborate costumes and sets, pseudo-Asian scenery, beautiful kitsune and it’s a Chinese-Japanese collab – which last time I checked are rare… because well, for lots of sad reasons China and Japan can’t stop bickering. As much as I found the mv visually stunning, the song I only find so-so: The English is really really cringe-worthy! I’m not blaming the singers, but whoever thought it was a good idea to make them pronounce such difficult words! But definitely worth a watch and nice as an independent woman anthem. 🙂

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