Best KPop Releases of November, 2014

The most interesting releases of November 2014 handpicked by Admin E.

KPop Section

Piano Man – Mamamoo

Mamamoo is becoming one of my favorite acts – fast! Great vocals, good rapping, neat music video – my favorite of the month.

Good Boy – GD & Taeyang

Highly highly anticipated comeback and… me like it! 😀 😀

Erase – Hyolyn & Jooyoung

Nice collaboration:

Mama – Nicole

Enjoying this debut of Kara-ex member – never mind the lyrics. Nicole is old enough and can sing about whatever she wants to.

Goodnight Like Yesterday – Lovelyz

Not all that excited about the group name, but the song is pretty decent:

Come On Now – Halo

I’m Different – Hi Suhyun

I actually… expected more from this collaboration. It’s nice, but it’s not amazing… sorry. I love both Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun, but their immense talent seems to be somewhat wasted on this song, as it doesn’t really highlight their skills.

KIndie ‘n’ KHipHop Section

Tough Cookie – Zico feat. Don Mills

Yeah, I don’t like his choice of words either and he is trying hard to go for gangster. I know plenty and people found this song upsetting and cringe worthy, but… I can’t help it… I like it.

Pinocchio – Roy Kim

I have a watchful eye on this solo act and ain’t dissapointed:

Happy Together – Park Hyo Shin

Just found out this solo act has been round for a while – since 2000? O.O Wow!

Outside Korea

Froot – Marina & The Diamonds

Anyone else following this girl? I really like her work:

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