Why I’m a happy “Cassie”

On July 31, 2009 TVXQ disbanded. This event has been called one of the biggest “scandals” as well as “tragedies” in the KPop industry. And although undoubtedly an emotionally difficult time for the 5 members (today 2 separate music acts) and the Cassiopeia fandom – the world did not end. In fact we live in a world, where being a Cassie and being a happy person is something quite compatible. Let me elaborate…


I’m a happy Cassie. Well, yes, it’s easier to call yourself that and mean it, when you weren’t yet emotionally involved and… around, when U-Know, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu went separate ways in 2009. But this still goes out to any Cassie at all (as well as anyone who has shed tears over their favourite acts breaking up). Question is: Are you unhappy about TVXQ being 2 separate groups now? In the hope that this little article can be a bit of guidance to you – let me share with you, how I stay a thoroughly happy Cassie.

They were 5

TVXQ (or DBSK) debuted on December 26th, 2003 with 5 member (between the ages of 15 and 17 – goddammit, they were young…), who stayed together for 5½ years. During this time they released

  • 4 full-length Korean albums
  • 4 full-length Japanese albums
  • about 55 singles (Korean & Japanese combined)

That is a hell lot of singles for any Cassie to bathe in! In this relatively short time the 5 members put out a lot of music and still managed to complete 7 concert tours throughout South Asia. Yes, it’s a sad that old TVXQ songs go unperformed (in the original line-up) now, but there is still a massive amount of songs, music videos, live performance videos, photographs, tv shows and whatnot to enjoy. The music is still there. There for anyone to enjoy. And so is the eye candy. And that’s what I do: I rummage through YouTube and enjoy as I please whatever performance I find and I keep discovering songs (which are new to me), giggling over Junsu getting bullied and practicing my Japanese with “TVXQ in Japan”.


We don’t stop watching old movies or reading old books, because the actors/authors are dead. Lots of people still listens to The Beatles without tearing up. Yes, if TVXQ very recently broke up, feels would be in chaos all over the globe – but instead of choosing to be sad that it’s not the same 5 guys performing together anymore, I think about and watch what they did do together and am proud to be a Cassie, because of the immense legacy they left for the KPop fandom.

Now they are 2 and 3

Bands disband. All. The. Time. Yes, every music fan cares more about some bands more than others. But come on Cassies – not only do we have a rich legacy left by TVXQ back when they were still 5 – they are all still making music. Often groups break up and they all go separate ways and sometimes they don’t return to the music industry at all. TVXQ is split into two pieces: The duo TVXQ and the trio JYJ. The reasons for the break up I don’t want to discuss here – let me just tell you, that personally I don’t think that they will reunite at any point in the future (for more than a charity concert). But they are all 5 still making music for us – not all together – but still! This is a privilege indeed, when you think of other groups, who had dedicated fan bases and they more or less vanished from the public eye all together.

U-Know and Changmin as the remaining faces of TVXQ have been putting out amazing tracks together. As sad as a group’s break up is, I think it’s partly responsible for the fact that SM as well as U-Know and Changmin themselves make sure that there is no drop in quality and in the frequency new songs are put out. The result has brought us several Korean and Japanese albums to listen to – and they are damn worth it.

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu on the other hand haven’t been lazy either – though a little quieter than the 2 piece TVXQ – they have released 2 Korean albums, 1 Japanese mini-album and an entire international album (which quality is debatable, but as a full-fledged Cassie I do appreciate the effort). Also to note praise are Jaejoong‘s and Junsu‘s solo releases, which let them explore different sides and musical genres. And Yoochun spend quite some time acting!

TVXQ is separated. But the individual members are alive and kicking. We have not seen the last of them, even though split into 2 camps.

They shine through the ages

Look at them. Just look at them.

O-_Jung.Ban.Hap_D tvxq

8 years old this album cover made me laugh and squeal in delight. Because TVXQ has been around for so long, older photos show them with haircuts entirely out of fashion – which reminds one how much time has passed… how old one is… but which still doesn’t fail to have an effect (on a Cassie). This 4th (!) version of a TVXQ album cover is joyous eye candy to any fan: Junsu (in a monks robe? … he can wear anything at all …) looks like a little kid in surprise and awe staring at Jaejoong‘s crystal ball, who looks like right out of a musketeer movie production. And everyone else… I could go on…

Seriously – it’s pure delight whenever I stumble over these guys faces.

They are everything but forgotten

TVXQ are still highly respected by fans of the KPop genre throughout the world. They are usually placed among some of the biggest acts in the Asian music scene history – and youngsters are looking up to them and are covering their songs.

To put it simple: Why be sad about TVXQ, when you can be happy? Happy about a great music act that appeared, changed – but is still there for anyone to take joy in.

And… can anyone escape the charm of TVXQ‘s “Balloons”?


Dear readers,
  • I’m a 17 year old, non-native English speaker, KPop-loving asiaphilic Cassie with no particular expertise in the field of music management, critique or history and with no intentions of hurting any feelings. If you find an issue with this blog post, please consider the circumstances.
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