E’s Favorite MPop, CPop & TPop Songs of All Time 2



A list of awesome music from China, Taiwan, Tibet, Uzbekistan and more – enjoy.

Shen Me Shen Me – Laure Shang

Kun Tun – Ziyoda

Russian Roulette – Tizzy Bac

Beat Of Dreams – Hoang Thuy Linh

Wings Of Light – Faye Wong

Hayol – Sevara Nazarkhan

A.I.N.Y. – G.E.M.

Alive – Sa Ding Ding

Undercurrents – Faye Wong

Nothing Does Not Love – Hit-5

Blue Jellyfish – Singer Sen

Parvona – Ziyoda

Blame Myself – Yangchen Tesdro

Singing Alone – Ah Sang

Jiang Ai (To Love) – Faye Wong

C Major – Angela Chang

Yellow Crane Tower – Tan Ting

Wish Upon A Star – Cecilia Cheung

Asura – Laure Shang

Painted Heart – Jane Zhang

Water Lily – Ivana Wong

Drunk – Singer Sen

Double Champion – Joey Yung

To McQueen – Laure Shang

Swing – Super Junior-M


1kballadexPart 1 of this list: Click here.

Are you a CPop or MPop fan? What are your favorite songs/groups/musicians? Comment! 😉admin e


Caffeine (feat. Yong Jun Hyung)

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