E’s Bias List

1. JYJ’s Xiah Junsu

Xiah JunsuMy ultimate bias. Too many words to put into this short description. Maybe a “when God made Kim Junsu” meme would be a very rough summery, but I really respect him as a person and artist and feel this might be an inappropriate place for such a meme… Let’s just say that he’s my weak spot, but one that I cherish. (◡‿◡✿)

2. B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk

bang yong gukSneaky, sneaky Bang Yong Guk – stole his way silently up my bias list and before I know it: Here he is. Here I am spending all my money on that B.A.P concert coming up this year. But no – of course – I saw it coming – the amazing deep voice, that smile, the heaps of charisma – really impossible to escape from.

3. Big Bang’s G-Dragon & T.O.P

(Sharing this spot like the married couple they are 😉 )

GD & TOPGD is credited with being the very 1st bias I ever had and not long after T.O.P joined him. Big Bang was the 1st KPop group whose music I heard and I have loved them unconditionally ever since. Especially this pair of creative explosive fashionistas. They are kinda like brothers to me… (˘‿˘)

4. B2ST’s Yoseob Yang

Yoseob, too first seemed pretty sneaky to me – simply forcing his way into my bias list. But then came his 1st solo release and I had to add “serious talent” to his very long list of qualities.

5. Exo’s Tao

Tao exoI don’t know what to make of my number 5. yet. To say the very least he has very memorable facial features – I know that shouldn’t be what makes a bias a bias – but since this 20-year-old is still a mystery to me, I’m not gonna add more till I know what I’m at here.

1. 2NE1’s CL


To me – CL just radiates positive energy. Unfortunately I do not have the privilege to know her in person, but she stills stand out to me. She has the most pleasant voice when she speaks (is that only me who likes to hear her just talk?) and I enjoy her rapping and singing immensely! t(>.<t)

2. 3rd Line Butterfly’s Nam Sang Ah

namNam Sang Ah is the front-woman of my favorite KRock group “3rd Line Butterfly“. She has the most haunting voice and her live performances beat the studio versions. She is seriously my picture of the self-confident grown-up woman I want to become (hopefully, someday, somewhere near that) …

3. Tasha/Yoon Min Rae

Yoon Mi RaeDiscovered this beautiful half-Korean half-African-American lady as more than an amazing voice rather recently, but I definitely need to hear more! Listen to one song or see one video and she’s got you hooked. To those who know her – spread the love! ~~♥

4. Lim Kim

lim kimAddicting songs and sooo pretty! Can’t wait for new releases. Really unique music – somewhere on the borders between the sound of something KIndie and something KPoppie. Check out her music here.

5. G.NA

g.naThe very 1st KPop girl whose music I discovered and my very 1st girl bias, who has since not left the list. G.NA’s style may not be as original and consistent as other female KPop artists, but I love her nonetheless and will be singing her R&B ballads (with my very limited Korean) for years to come.


In conclusion this list makes me a “Xiahtic“, “Bangster“,”Dragon” & “Charmer“, “Yobeo“, “FanTAOstic“, “CLassefied” and “G.NI“. Honorable mentions who did not make it into the Top 10 are rapper Tablo, Eli & Kevin from U-Kiss, SS501‘s Young Saeng, Exo‘s Sehun, Sistar‘s Hyorin and solo-singer Lee Hyori. I have lots of love for these guys, too!

So, who is your bias and why? 🙂

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One thought on “E’s Bias List

  1. My current top group is Gfriend (after f(x)) and bias is Yerin, the ginseng of Gfriend. So adorably cute, sings and dances great, and (to get a little adult here) the “kissing monster.” Seriously. 🙂 But Umji could easily have been my Gfriend bias, she’s even cuter than Yerin, plus she’s smart (speaks English pretty well!) so polite and sweet, the perfect maknae. But my Ultimate Bias is Amber of f(x), so incredibly perfect! The sweetest, nicest, yet funniest, life-of-the-party tomboy you’d want as your best friend. And smart, speaks 3 languages! (Korean, English and Chinese.)

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