4Minute is a 5 member girl group signed under CUBE Entertainment.


  • Official Fanclub: 4NIA (“For Our Mania“)
  • Official Color: Pearl Purple
  • Official Debut: June 15th, 2009 with “Hot Issue
  • dubbed “Hyun A & Her Back-Up Dancers” or “Hyun A’s Group


Sohyun Hyuna Jihyun Gayoon Jiyeon



4Minute LogoMusic Videos

4Minute is known for the catchy tunes and provocative dances like in their music video for “Huh”:

They also have some women empowerment songs such as “What a Girl Wants”:

They have released a number of successful songs and music videos, the most successful possibly being “Volume Up”:

More music videos by 4Minute: “Ready Go” ✿ “I My Me Mine” ✿ “Hot Issue” ✿ “Muzik” ✿ “Heart To Heart” ✿ “Mirror Mirror” ✿ “What’s Your Name” ✿ “Jingle Jingle” ✿ “Freestyle” ✿ “Over And Over” ✿ “Is It Poppin’” ✿ “Only Gained Weight




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